Eyes wide open and living in solidarity.


WOODSHIP channel their frustration at inequality, injustice and people’s lack of will and funnel it into their Dystopian Riff-Rock, letting the music be their valve. The human greed for money and power is the virus that is infecting our planet and drives us to the edge of our self-made apocalypse.


The trio from Düsseldorf/Unna, consisting of lead singer and guitarist Leon Radix, Philipp Kaminsky on the bass and Timo Quast on the drums, is LOUD.

Loud to be heard. Alternative Rock that strikes the nerve of our current time.


Woodship have found their niche between bands like Biffy Clyro, Muse and Royal Blood. Whilst never denying their influences like Biffy Clyro, Muse and Royal Blood they are staying loyal to their own sound.

In between massive guitar riffs, trembling basslines and powerful drums, a melodic chorus stands out like a huge wall of sound — away from the mainstream.

WOODSHIP doesn’t shy away from making difficult topics the subject of discussion. The climate crisis as well as emotional topics such as depression have been at the forefront of their compositions. WOODSHIP aren’t afraid to share their own experiences.

“Unfortunately, it’s these daily events that inspire us.” says Leon Radix


Their debut album “Bright Coloured Town” and the singles “Tear it Out” and “The Run” have shown their versatility — combining energy, strength and empathy.

In August 2019, WOODSHIP released their new single “Blackout”. This song symbolizes not only a musical but also a personal development for the band. Shouting “Let’s prevent the blackout”, WOODSHIP is urging us to save our planet, the Earth. 

2020 starts with their new single “Loss of Bliss” the yet most personal song. It deals with inner conflicts and structures of a depression. “I  never thought I could end up in this” outlines the fact that mental health problems are omnipresent either in your surroundings on in your mind.

WOODSHIP has gained a greater and greater following resulting from a self-booked tour that has led them throughout Germany and beyond to Paris (F) and Breda (NL). The energy-heavy performances supported by the precise and creative outros catch everyone’s attention.


Their individuality also allowed them to shine as support for “The Intersphere”, the South African Platin band “Prime Circle”, “Reggatta de Blanc” and “Rebecca Lou” from Denmark.


Energy, Passion and firm beliefs are the main drivers to open one’s eyes to what matters most - to prevent the blackout.

© Woodship GbR 2021

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