With dystopian riff rock towards the future –

WOODSHIP set the thoughts of a whole generation to music


Amid the great reincarnation, the trio from Unna and Düsseldorf is the tireless electric motor of the rock music hype train. Driving Dystopian Riff-Rock with a love for sophisticated riffs in symbiosis with modern beats and synthesizers that get under your skin.

WOODSHIP's energetic songs draw attention to dystopian grievances, draw a desirable world and deal with their own role in it.

Celebrating humorous lust for life and still talking about serious topics - is that possible?


WOODSHIP have acquire around 100 gigs in Germany, including support shows for Blackout Problems, The Intersphere, Rebecca Lou and Prime Circle, as well as invitations to the Aquanautik Festival 2022 and the Mölmsch Open Air 2019 with their DIY spirit.

The constant progress of the inspiring band is attested by articles in Gitarre & Bass, Visions and radio plays on Fritz unsigned, Radio Bob, Bremen Vier and WDR2, where they can also call themselves winners of the "scene in the west". In addition, the last single "ENEMY" made itself comfortable at number 24 in the Ruhrcharts, right next to none other than Die Ärzte.


In the face of all devastating situations - climate change, resurgence of right-wing populism, violence and war, Corona - WOODSHIP make it clear that cohesion and the recognition of one's own responsibility are the key to a world worth living in. Passion and respect for each other!

Dystopian Riff-Rock are lyrics of self-reflection and hope, paired with massive guitar riffs, driving basslines and rousing choruses that are reminiscent of bands like Biffy Clyro, Muse, Royal Blood and Nothing But Thieves. The fondness for pounding beats and synths are the best prerequisites for outstanding, sporty, demanding live shows.


Luckily, we can be sure that WOODSHIP will continue to be engraved in our memories! Around 12 post-Covid performances in 2022 will be followed by six new songs from the end of the year, including an energetic version of The Beatles classic "Eleanor Rigby".

In 2023, the three boys will travel through the universe of German music clubs and will test their robustness.

WOODSHIP are without a doubt on the way to develop from the electric motor of the hype train to an essential part of it.

© Woodship GbR 2022

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